Smart Dentistry


Dr. Puneet Brar, and our dedicated Smart Dentistry team, have created a unique dental practice using biological dentistry. This is a form of dentistry that avoids the use of toxic materials in your mouth and integrates your dental health with your overall health. Our smart dentistry treatments include the following: 

Any treatment that takes place in or around the mouth has the potential to impact the entire body adversely or positively. Biological dentists give you the option of testing for compatibility of replacement dental materials. 

By testing for compatibility, our dentists and dental team are establishing a high level of concern for your health. We believe that the health of your mouth can affect the health of your entire body, and that is the philosophy of the science behind biological dentistry. We strive to provide you with smart dentistry in Las Vegas, Nevada, that helps you improve not only the health of your smile but also your overall well-being. Whether we are filling a cavity, restoring a damaged tooth, or replacing a missing tooth, we do it with the total health of your body in mind. For more information on our dental treatments, we welcome you to browse our website and call us today. We are eager to care for your family! 


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