Injection-Free Drill-Free Fillings

Injection-Free Drill-Free Fillings

Injection-Free Drill-Free Fillings & Air Abrasion – The Power of Air

Air Abrasion is a technology that can remove minor decay with only a fine stream of air and powder. It can eliminate the need for injections and the noise of the drill. Healthy tooth structure is left behind while soft decay is removed. With air abrasion, fillings can be kept smaller, which helps maintain tooth strength. The smaller the filling, the stronger the tooth. Air abrasion is very precise, allowing our skilled dentists to leave the healthy tooth structure unaffected while accurately removing decay. Dr. James M. Heltzel and Dr. Puneet Brar are pleased to utilize air abrasion in Las Vegas, Nevada, to ensure that your dental experience at our office is comfortable and efficient. Air abrasion helps us provide a more natural, holistic treatment because it allows us to preserve more of the natural tooth structure and results in less trauma to the tooth.


  • Fast – Decay removal with air abrasion is faster than using a traditional dental drill, so your visits will be shorter.
  • No shots necessary
  • No numbness to wear off – Because air abrasion does not require anesthetic and numbing shots, you don’t have to wait for numbness to wear off.
  • Saves tooth structure – Air abrasion is very precise and helps us to remove only the decayed portion of the tooth, leaving the remaining healthy tooth structure intact.

We invite you to call or visit us today to learn more about air abrasion and our injection-free, drill-free fillings!

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