Electric Handpiece

Electric Handpiece

Quieter and smoother drilling is the result of the slower speed and increased torque of the new and advanced electric drill. Using the Electric Handpiece reduces the heat that is normally generated by the popular high-speed drills that can cause damage by increasing the temperature of the nerve pulp by as much as 12 degrees C (about 22 degrees F). The electric drill also reduces the amount of negative pressure created by the high-speed drill, which may cause cracks in the tooth, along with increased hot and cold sensitivity. In addition, the electric handpiece reduces the amount of aerosol splatter that normally accompanies the high-speed drill. By using the electric drill in Las Vegas, Nevada, our talented dentists, Dr. Puneet Brar, can provide you with a dental experience that is more comfortable. The electric handpiece results in dental care that is of the highest quality, helping your tooth to stay in good health. Our holistic dentists and team understand that any treatment we perform on your smile can be either negative or positive for your overall health, and the electric handpiece helps us provide as positive of an effect as possible. We are also committed to reducing the trauma to your teeth for improved, lasting oral health.

Benefits of the electric drill:

  • Quiet
  • Smooth
  • Less traumatic for the tooth – less chance of root canal therapy being needed
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Reduces the accompanying aerosol spray

We welcome you to contact a member of our friendly dental team today to learn more about the advantages of the electric drill.

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