Dr Puneet Brar Blog

Dr Puneet Brar Blog

Dr Puneet Brar Blog wanted to share with you what has been going on recently at our office. I have been at our Eastern Office location since June 1985 and recent events have caused me to consider how i anticipate things are going to transpire in the near future. Let me explain what the events were.

The first event was my office lease expired and my only option was to renew it for minimum of 5 years. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do this dentistry for 50 years so far and more recently my back has been reminding me of that. In fact, I have had to go through quit a lot of lengthy physical therapy and chiropractic treatment because of it. So, to be honest i just could’t see myself bending over and working full time for another 5 years.

Therefor, I came to the conclusion that in order to save my back I needed to start looking for the right dentist that i could trust to treat my patient family with the highest degree of care and safetyness.

So that would mean it was necessary for me to find a dentist with the same mindset, passion, integrity, and commitment to healthy nontoxic dentistry as my patience have been receiving, Also someone that was caring, friendly, gentle and excellent clinician. I have been looking for a while and i believe i have found just that dentist. Her name is Puneet Brar, DMD and she has been practicing in Las Vegas for 4 years. She graduated with her dental degree from Boston University which is a top-notch school.

I believe you will feel just as safe in her hands as you have in mine. She will be caring for you in our same location. I know you will be happy with her care. Thank you for trusting me. I am so grateful that i have had the opportunity to play a role in your care and its my honor to introduce you to Dr. Brar.

Warmest Regards and Wishing You Good Health Always

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